Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Recap of 2012 part 4

Summer 2012
Ava loves to dress herself and today she happened to get all dressed up so I decided it was a great day for a photo shoot!  We went into the backyard and got some great shots!  

 Daniel and I went to Tantalus for one of our date nights and took some night shots of the city.  It was extremely windy that night, but the lights were so pretty!  

4th of July!  
We celebrated Independence Day in Hawaii Kai.  Ava and I made some festive red, white, and blue cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!  

 Dad made some delicious food on the grill.

 Ava took a swim class at Leahi Swim School and loved it!  This was the last day of her first swim semester. Before the class, Ava would not put her head under the water at all!  By the last day, she was swimming a few feet all by her self and diving down into the water (with help) to pick up toys and treasure from the ground.  

Diving for Treasure!


We enrolled Ava in a 2nd semester of swim school at Leahi and they told her she could advance two levels, since she was doing so well!  

 Swimming across the pool... 

Second semester graduation!

We took Ava to Waimea Bay for a beach day!  

Ava made a birthday card for her Grandma Crystal and was so proud of it!

We love this little girl!!!  She is growing up way too fast!

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